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Myrcella and Fatone



Myrcella and Fatone are a special bonded pair looking for a special home!  Myrcella was born with deformed front legs.  She gets around well, uses her litter box, and enjoys playing.  She has been seen by multiple vets and a specialist, who report that she is just fine, is not in any pain, and needs no surgery.  Fatone is her best buddy, paired with her in a shelter after her siblings were all adopted.  They are a sweet, shy pair, looking for a wonderful home together.  See the links below for more information, pictures, and a video!

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More about Fatone:

Murron and Emerald


Emerald and Murron are bonded step-siblings, around seven months old.  Emerald (boy) and Murron (girl) love playing with and loving on the humans in their foster home.  They must be adopted together.

More about Emerald:

More about Murron:


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