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David and Patrick


These six-month-old brothers are textbook-perfect kittens. David (black striped brown tabby) and Patrick (dusty grey striped tabby) love to chase each other and wrestle, but never get too crazy. They curl up on your lap (sometimes both at once if one gets jealous and can’t wait his turn) They like their solo time too and can be found separately doing their own thing for much of the day.

David is a little more cuddly, while Patrick shows his affection by licking your hands and nuzzling. They will sleep by you all through the night. They both enjoy being held, purring in your arms. They clearly love each other and will cuddle and groom each other, usually initiated by David. They love all toys, from laser pointers to toy mice to balls, and also non-toys like paper bags and cardboard boxes. They are the perfect blend of energetic fun and calm coziness.

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