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Peanut Butter, Smuckers, Skippy, and Jif

Peanut Butter is a lucky mom who came to us from a rural shelter.  Her kittens are about ten weeks old (as of 7/18).  Kittens need to be adopted together or go to a home with young kittens, as they need companionship at their young age.

Peanut Butter is quite simply one of the sweetest cats we’ve ever had in foster. She is loyal, calm, affectionate and totally devoted to her foster family. She’s the type of kitty who is content to just sit at your feet or lay by your side. She has a favorite toy she’ll bring to you to play fetch. She chirps when she wants your attention, but is otherwise a very relaxed and mellow girl who is simply so happy to be in a home. We estimate PB to be 1-2 years old, and she’s spayed, vaccinated, and microchipped. If you are looking for a trusty companion, Peanut Butter wants nothing more than a loving family of her own! She absolutely dotes on her foster mom and would be a purrfect work-from-home companion.

Smuckers (tiger girl, white belly and paws) is a spunky little girl who lives to play. She’s full of personality, loves to wrestle with her brother Skippy, is curious and silly, and an expert cuddler who loves to find a pile of blankets to curl up in. She can most often be found snuggled up next to a family member and likes to be where the action is!

Skippy (tiger boy, grey paws) is the type of brawny boy kitten you can’t help but love. Bright eyed and bushy tailed, interested in everything, fearless, and always ready for fun. He has a special talent for dozing off in under 5 seconds, anywhere and in any position, and if not playing can be found sprawled across just about any surface, fast asleep.

Jif (all black male) is a mix of the serenity of an all black cat with the spunk of a tabby. You can just make out his black-on-black stripes on his wonderfully fuzzy coat! He feels like a little stuffed animal and could often be mistaken for one too. He is a more serious and thoughtful little kitten, who is initially more shy while he takes things in, and then will simply climb up into your lap without further ado, curl up, and fall fast asleep. Loyal and calm like his mama, this little black bear cub will melt your heart!

The whole family is being fostered in a home with 2 kids, 3 adult cats and 2 older kittens and get along very well with everyone!



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