Cat Care Information

Helpful Links for you to explore

While no website can substitute for a visit to the doctor, here are a few resources
we recommend to help you find information about your cat. There are some
general information websites, along with ones focused on specific topics.

ASPCA: Animal Poison Control Hotline available 24 hours a day. There is a fee for this service.

Loudoun County Animal Shelter: Our local animal shelter in Loudoun County.

Feline Foundation of Greater Washington: One of the rescue groups that we work with, providing medical and surgical care to the cats that they are trying to find a home.

Cornell Feline Health: Feline Health Center with general health information about cats and their care. Watch videos showing how to trim nails, give a pill or even give insulin to a diabetic cat.

AAFP: American Association of Feline Practitioners is a group of veterinarians dedicated to the health and well-being of cats.

Indoor Cat Initiative:  A website providing advice to ensure the physical and emotional well-being of our indoor cats.

CATalyst Council: Information on making the trip to the veterinarian easier for the patient and its human. The video “Scotty goes to the Vet” shows the trip from both the cat’s and the human’s perspective.

Veterinary Partner:  A resource on animal diseases, diagnostics, and treatments.

Behavior: A resource for animal behavior issues.

Health Issues

Heartworm Disease: Information on the transmission, clinical disease and prevention of feline heartworm disease.

Kidney Disease: Written by a lay person, this site has great information about dealing with kidney disease in cats.

Feline Diabetes: Information on feline diabetes and treatments.

Hyperthyroidism: Information on hyperthyroidism – the 4 treatment options.

Feline Asthma: Information on feline asthma and using an inhaler with a spacer.

Toxic Plants: Learn how to recognize and avoid toxic plants.

Food and Care

Purina: Information about Purina pet foods.

Royal Canin: Information about Royal Canin pet foods.

Hills: Information about Hills pet foods.

Drinkwell: Information about cat water fountains

End of Life

Rainbow Bridge: Online pet memorials

Quality of Life Scale:  To give a quantitative number to your pets quality of life as you decide on end-of-life decisions.


How to pill a cat: A great video on the best ways to pill your cat.

How to use the Aerokat Inhaler:  Informative video on the best way to teach your cat to use the Aerokat Inhaler.

How to give Subcutaneous fluids at home:  A great video on how to give your cat Sub Q fluids when at home.